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Although the existence of neutrino oscillations seems now to be well proved,  several neutrino properties are still unknown. We know, for example, that neutrinos are massive but we ignore what is the absolute scale of these masses. The measurement of neutrino masses and mixing angles (and phases) as well as the assessment of the Dirac/Majorana character of neutrinos will be the goal of the next generation experiments.

In this scenario a unique role is played by Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay searches (which represent the only experiments able to prove the Majorana character of neutrinos while obtaining informations on the neutrino mass hierarchy and Majorana phases) and direct (kinematic) measurements of the electron antineutrino mass  through the analisys of the end point region of  single beta decay spectra. For both approaches Low Temperature Detectors (LTD) represent powerful devices. Proposed for Rare Events Searches in 1984 By E.Fiorini and T.Niinikovsky, they were pioneered in the course of the last 20 years by our group which developed both large mass TeO2 arrays to study Neutrinoless Double Beta decay of 130Te and arrays of microcalorimeters of Re compounds to study the beta spectrum of 187Re.

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